was Donald Trump here?

"Mom, you're fired!"

That's how my morning started.

My cell phone rang this morning. And when I saw who was calling, I knew some people didn't know I was taking today off from work.

A co-worker was calling to tell me he dreamt I had given him an assignment but failed to mention any of the details surrounding said assignment. I would not tell the reporter the address of his story. I refused to give up any names. I kept mum.

So my co-worker reported me to the general manager.

And I was fired.

Amara overheard my conversation and screeched with joy.

"Mom, you're fired!" she exclaimed. "Mom's fired. Mom's fired," she sang.

No, she hasn't been texting with the Donald. But you would think it.

You see, for the last two months, Amara has asked nearly every day if I've been fired yet.

Amara would like for her mama to be unemployed. She enjoys it when her mom takes her to dance. And picks her up from school. And is home for dinner at a normal time.

When I first took this job, Dad2Amara and I had a long conversation with Amara. I could be working some crazy hours. Or on weekends.

But now that more than a year has past, it's finally hit her.

And she's over it.

I'm truly hoping it's a phase. I'm hoping Amara will stop liking her mom soon so it'll hurt less when she asks me to stay home.


  1. That's a tough spot to be in, I'm sure. I'm wishing you a good weekend together!

  2. ahhhhh - I'm sorry! Cherish the moments you do spend together.
    <<< Hugs >>>

    Love the new banner, btw! :D

  3. Chris - I don't think it'd be bad to leave TV... but you know, that's another story!

    Makita - Thanks for noticing the new header! It's a work in progress. But I felt I needed something new!

    Kristen - Hope you have a good weekend too!

  4. First, your header is awesome. The beach shot looks like one of my fave beaches on Oahu.

    Second, I think I was in a similar position with my son, which lead to me ultimately resigning. He'd yell at me when I was on the computer and say, "Stop working mom! Stop working!" Dealing with commuting, office politics, etc. eventually became too much of a chore when compared to the time I'd like to spend with my son for a couple of years. But I know this decision is a luxury most people don't have. And I certainly can relate to how this pulls on your heartstrings.

    Last, I wanted to let you know I've given you the Friend Award at http://clevelandmom.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/the-friends-award/

  5. Cleveland Mom - thanks for the award!

    And yes, it's Kailua Beach. It was the first beach in Hawaii I took Amara to. I love it there but I think she preferred the one closer to Ala Moana. Less waves!


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