Who liked Michelle Obama's dress?

I did! I did!

I liked Malia and Sasha Obama's colorful coats too.

And now I'm hearing that J. Crew's website crashed yesterday because everyone and their mother (including me) were looking to buy for those coats for their own daughters.

Too bad J. Crew has just announced the coats were made especially for the Obama's and are not yet available to the public. Damn.

At any rate, I'm now on a fashion kick. So today, I'm posting at Filipina Moms about fashion designers I'd recommend to the First Lady. Hope you'll check it out!


  1. I liked the little girls' clothes... but I'm not a great judge of fashion for adult clothes! I mean, look at me... I'm the Patron Saint of Blue Jeans! But I do remember that Diana kept saying, "I hate her dress, I just do not like her dress!" I don't know why though...

  2. I saw your post over at FM...didn't realize there were that many filipino designers out there. Wish I could afford them though ;)

  3. your inauguration post made me weepy. and i feel better noticing that you are into the fashion stuff today. i have been obsessing about a black and white scarf i saw on someone. i want to figure out how to knit it!


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