why I was late to church

It doesn't look like much.

But when I got home Saturday night, I knew the Mom-mobile was having a hard time navigating thru the snowy driveway.

So Sunday when we were rushing out of the house to get to church, I suppose I should have asked Dad2Amara if he had plowed.

He had not.

And at the end of the Grey House's driveway was a drift that the Mom-mobile just couldn't overcome.

Dad2Amara tried and tried to push the Mom-mobile out of the snow. But it did no good.

At this point, church services were just about to begin. So I thought it was a lost cause.

But then heaven shined down upon Amara's family.

A tow truck drove past our house seemingly out of nowhere. An authentic, certified, bundled up operator and his truck.

He rolled down his window, explained he was on his way to a car stuck in a ditch, and asked if we wanted a complimentary "pull."

What? First a tow truck appears. Now the driver is saying his service would be free?

Who said good-hearted people no longer exists?!?!

So this kind man chained up my front tires and a few minutes later, off we went.

And the tow truck disappeared into the horizon. Literally, I have no idea where he went.

I believe a higher being knew I needed to get my praise on.

Amara was only 8 minutes late for Sunday School. Dad2Amara and I made it in to the sanctuary just a few seconds later.

We sang our hymnals and recited our prayers.

All was good.

But my peaceful soul did not forget. A few minutes later, Dad2Amara found himself at the end of the drive. He had a lot of snowblowing to do.


  1. i love these stories of ordinary people doing very kind things! and i love the new look of your blog - not sure when you made the change - i've been reading through my Reader. I like the new banner and the new tag line A LOT!

  2. Laurie, I feel so blessed that that tow truck driver was at the right place at the right time!

    And thanks for the compliment on my header. I needed a change!

  3. Hmmm...something must be wrong with my reader. All of your posts just showed up today in. Don't like being behind.

    God works in mysterious ways. Pass it forward, my friend.

    LOVE the new blog header!


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