a good day for sleeping

Amara's not feeling well. (This photo was taken when she was just one month old. But she's seriously has been passed out on the sofa for the last two hours.)

We've gotten another six inches of snow. And it's still snowing.

And bad news on all fronts keep coming in to the Grey House.

So today, Dad2Amara is playing hooky. And I'm off to take care of Amara.

It's just a good day for sleeping


  1. More snow?!?! I feel for you. Hope Amara is feeling better.

  2. I hope tomorrow brings good news for everyone. And that Amara feels better.

  3. Thanks ladies. Amara is feeling better. Off to school today. So much bad news surrounding our family right now...when I can openly blog about it, I will. But thanks for the concern!

  4. Yeah, it sure is a good day for sleeping! You've inspired me to take a nap! ;)

  5. awww...so sorry to hear about Amara being sick. I hope she feels better soon.

    Whenever you need someone to just vent to, just know that I am a great listener. (hugs)

    And I feel the same way about this winter...just yuck!


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