breakfast of champions revisited

Nearly two years ago I wrote about my breakfast of champions -- spam, eggs, and sticky rice.

Being the trend setter that I am, Anthony Bourdain has taken a cue from my play book. Bourdain's latest episode of "No Reservations" showcased Manila.

Bourdain was introduced to what his host described as his breakfast staple of milk and cereal. Want to see what Bourdain described as delicious but "ugly as hell"? Click here. You'll see I'm not that far off on this brilliantly Filipino meal!

Or would you rather learn about who I hope to channel to fulfill my inner foodie? Check out my post on Filipina Moms.

And while I'm on my food kick, I found this video on It explains how Chop Suey and fortune cookies are not Chinese.

And so you all know, I'm so excited because Jollibee's opened it's first East Coast location this past weekend. It's a Filipino thing...


  1. Thanks for the craving. I still will eat rice and eggs for any meal. My son loves it just as much as I do. It is a comfort food for me.

  2. I remember my dad making spam all-the-time. I don't know...something about the congealed form it takes on unnerves me...but it smells pretty good fryin' up in a pan!

  3. OMG, Jollibee's in NY???????? I'm so there!

    And seeing Manila through Bourdain's eyes was really weird.

  4. OMG, I love spam and eggs, but only in Hawaii. I read your Breakfast of Champions post about the "local breakfast". Spam and cheese omelettes with green onions mixed in are yummy as well! It made me so happy to read this post and hear a fellow Clevelander enjoys this delicacy. ;)


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