eight days a week

I believe I finally mastered my electric oven.

We've lived in the Grey House for over four months. And having an electric stove has thrown me and my baking for a loop.

But this morning, I'm proud to say I have a lovely batch of chocolate chip muffins.

And I wish I had more time in my schedule to bake.

I heart cookies and cakes and scones.

If I had an extra day in the week, I'd spend that entire day in the kitchen. I never mind cleaning the counters and doing dishes if the payoff is a satisfied sweet tooth.

So I started thinking: what else would I do if I had an eighth day in the week?

There are so many choices.

Take up yoga again.

Finish Amara's scrapbooks. (I'm two years behind now.)

Organize my overflowing box of recipes.

Volunteer more.

I'd really be productive if I had that extra 24 hours!

What would you do with an extra day?


  1. An extra day? I can think of so many things...probably spend one-on-one time with my kids since the other days are spent running around doing errands, activities.

  2. I'm afraid that I would spend MANY of those hours SLEEPING! ;) But if I had the energy for that hour, I think I SHOULD spend it writing! Someday I'm gonna be a published author... but I just can't seem to find the time or energy these days!

  3. Cleaning. I think I'd spend it cleaning. Boy, that is pathetic!

    Congrats on mastering the electric. I grew up with electric, and changed to gas when I got married...I never knew how much easier gas was. Electric is tricky!

  4. Kristen - I had an electric stove in college. But for some reason, I have completely forgotten how to use it! But I think I have the hang of it now...


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