mortifying mom moment #5,978

I had planned on having an uneventful Valentine's Day.

The economy is looking quite unfavorably on me and Dad2Amara. Our professional lives are in limbo.

So simple, low key and cheap are my mottos.

I had a well needed hair appointment that morning, as evident by the grey hairs sticking for atop my head. And because Dad2Amara had errands to run, I offered to take Amara with me to the salon.

So after munching on a plain bagel, Amara jumped into the Mom-mobile and we were off.

Amara is such a girly-girl. She loves my hairdresser as much as he loves her. She walks around his salon as if she - not he - were the owner.

So imagine my surprise when Amara ran to me in sadness.

I was hidden under a mega dryer, allowing my color to process. I could barely hear her. But I saw the crocodile tears streaming from her face.

She was wailing. Amara needed to get to the bathroom. Fast.

So we ran to the back of the salon, tripping on my purse and nearly trampling over my eyeglasses.

But it was too late.

Amara had caught the stomach bug.

And it had escaped her before we had gotten to the restroom.

Fortunately, Amara did not throw up.

But that only leaves one other orifice for not-so-pretty stuff to exit.

So there I was in a salon smock. I could feel hair dye dripping onto my forehead as it mixed with my perspiration.

I was surrounded by beautiful tiles and a bunch of poop in a little girl's underwear. And Amara's cry filled the bathroom.

What the H-E-double hockey sticks was I going to do?

I was left with a choice. Do I try to salvage what my daughter was wearing? Or do I have her go commando? (Can girls even go commando?)

So I did what I thought was unthinkable. I cleaned up my daughter and threw out her underpants.

And as I washed my hands, I realized there was a stench arising from the garbage.

I hurriedly got Amara out of the bathroom then called Dad2Amara to pick her up.

And I went back to the mega dryer and pretended nothing had happened.

I never fessed up to the owner. I'm hoping he can attribute the horrendous smell to some hair chemicals.

So my low-key weekends has been spent cleaning up over a sick Amara. She threw up again this morning. It was a lovely 5 a.m. wake up call.

Luckily she has today off for President's Day. I'm hoping she'll kick this bug soon.


  1. Eeks. Poor Amara. Poor you. I would have done the same thing. That's why I think I will always carry baby wipes with me even though no one wears diapers anymore. You never know. I hope she's feeling better and your hair turned out fantastic.

  2. Oh poor baby! I would've probably have done the same thing. Something like that happened to us when my firstborn was 2 years old. Unfortunately the deed was done while eating dinner in a restaurant and the deed was done overflowing the high chair. My husband and I had to scoot the high chair with the baby sitting, so we can basically wash him and the high chair down. A water hose would've made it more simple, and so this just shows you how moms should have a hose coiled up in our purses.

  3. It happens...I've done the same thing, only I think it was just tinkle! Anyway...Poor Amara! Hope she's feeling better soon. That stuff is no fun.

  4. Ummm eewwww. Aunt2Amara could have done without the play by play.

  5. Thanks Ladies for the support. It's been a rough few days at the Grey House. I just hope I'll be allowed back at the salon.

    And Aunt2Amara, you know you'll be dealing with gross poop soon too, right? You are preggers, right? :)

  6. Oh, poor little munchkin! In addition to feeling like crap, she must have been HORRIFIED that it happened there! Poor baby... I feel so bad for her! :( I hope she gets better soon!!!

  7. Poor kiddo, stomach bugs are no fun. That was exactly what I would have done. My latest horror story might entertain you as it relates. I took my mother, friend and 2 1/2 year old son to Pearl Harbor, where they do not allow you to carry any kind of purse or diaper bag. You have to keep them in your car or lock them up clear across the parking lot. Of course, I didn't grab a diaper to put in my pocket, and 5 minutes before I tour was ready to start, my son poops in his diaper. I cleaned him up with some wet toilet paper, purchased a 25cent maxipad from the dispenser in the ladies' room, and stuck it in his shorts as he went commando, praying that would be the only poop for the next hour or so until I could get a diaper on him. It worked!

    So, don't feel too horrendous. I think you did the right thing.

  8. oh man! No one can ever tell you that you arent an amazing mom. Poor little thing. She must have been just as horrified.

  9. JUST REMEMBER......Before you know it, and the children are grown and gone.... along with fingerprints on the wall, and the demands to provide, suddenly..... you realize that the sounds of laughter and the demands of children's loyalty are now gone in the home are... the the best and most important times of your life. Elaine Marie


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