music brings together the generations

Amara and I spent Sunday night huddled on the family room sofa, glued to the television.

But rather than watching Spongebob or Scooby, we were watching the Grammy's.

Me and my five-year-old daughter. The Grammy's.

I found it odd to be watching music awards since I know virtually nothing about music.

But sure enough, Amara swooned when she saw Justin Timberlake and shrieked over how "hot" he looked.

Then to my surprise, she grabbed my hand and we were parading around the room singing Let's Stay Together.

Me and my five-year-old daughter. Al Green.

It didn't end there. She was belting out American Boy and Chasing Pavement.

And before I knew it, I was bopping along to Paul McCartney, just as Lolo2Amara had taught me to.

Music really transcends the generations.

Even if the music is that of a teeny bopper 30-something mom.

(And speaking of moms, how cool is it that M.I.A. performed at the Grammy's on her due date?! You go girl! The performance was fierce! I wrote more about it - and have pictures - over at Filipina Moms.)

Are there any songs you rock out to with your kids?


  1. LOL about Amara and JT. I wanted MIA to stop jumping around...she was making me nervous.

  2. Jen - OMG I thought for sure her water would break on the stage!


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