risky business

In my professional life, I'm trusted to research stories and report on facts.

I'm encouraged to Facebook and be on Twitter.

And if my boss knew I blogged here and at Filipina Moms, I bet she would recruit me to blog too.

So isn't it ironic that I find myself censoring any posts that may have to do with work?

Most of us have heard about the guy who tweeted unpleasant things and offended the audience he was scheduled to give a presentation too.

That teaches me that I have to be careful when I post about work.

A former co-worker has suspended his blog.

I read about another mommy blogger who enjoyed anonymity.

Now Dad2Amara's firm is making huge cuts in salary. And we're praying the company remains viable in the upcoming months.

And my industry is faced with major changes. And with change comes uncertainty.

Am I entering shaky territory by writing about my job? Am I putting myself at risk because I blog?

I don't know the answers.

But it makes me wonder. This is my journal. This is where I come to vent. And to celebrate.

Yet it makes think twice.

I am careful about what information goes on the blog about my child. So should I be careful now about what's posted about work?

How about you? Do you censor what you write about?


  1. Yes, I would be careful with what you write about work.

    But, I wouldn't go so far as to suspend your blog.

    Smart, future employers may google you ... and on the one hand, I think they'd love to see samples of your writing ability.

    But, they don't want to see someone who tears down an employer.

    I wrote a critical post on mine ... and later deleted it for that reason.

    That's why mine has stuck to "fun" topics for the most part ..

    Do I know the former co-worker?

  2. Oh ... I would be careful with Facebook too.

  3. I do, but I do it because my family reads it. There are things my husband is uncomfortable with me talking about.

  4. It sucks that anyone should HAVE to be acareful about what they write about, for the purpose of work. A blog is supposed to be a place where you can exercise your freedom of opinion and speech. As long as you aren't writing company secrets... such as revealing the secret recipe for Coca-Cola or something... they shouldn't be allowed to complain. Especially if you try to disguise the name of the company, names of co-workers, etc.
    I am lucky because I don't actually have a job (I'm such a loser... no, j/k, my "job" is taking care of the girls!) but when I do censor myself, it is mostly for fear of making my friends and family members angry if I complain about them. Thats a bummer too, though... sometimes you just want to vent, and not have to apologize profusely afterwards! Ya know?

  5. Yes... I am careful and never use real names. Though I don't work outside the home... DH does and I thereby don't blog about the ubber-personal.

  6. I censor a whole lot and I've made some rules. Never anything negative about my husband, family, or friends. I would never blog about negative work stuff either. There's just nothing to gain from it.

  7. I would not write a thing on my blog about work...the stuff I would normally want to say is negative anyway, and when I want to rant about something, that is what The Man is for. :) After all, they are paying me.

  8. I'd gone through the same thing. My advice to you is, people can figure out where you work. And, so long as people know where you work, anything you say, whether you like it or not, represents the company you work for as well as yourself. Maybe by the nature of where I worked I am particualrly sensitive to this, but I am guessing by the nature of your work that you are also as well.

    Additionally, I've recommended someone for a position at my former employer based on reading that person's blog.


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