A Letter To My Mom

Dear Mom (a.k.a. Lola2Amara),

32 years ago today, you gave birth to a daughter. You held so much hope for that child that you named her after your first doll. You wanted your newborn to grow with as much joy and love as you and your beloved doll did.

Growing up, you never made cookies for the school bake sales because slaving away at the stove just wasn't your thing.

But you loved. Unconditionally.

Through the years, you worked. Not only to provide. But to support. And to act as a role model, truly exhibiting what a strong woman should be. I learned my work ethic because of you.

I don't remember being unhappy with you and your work schedule. I do remember having the latest fashions in my closet, trips to Disney World, and a cheering section at my volleyball games.

Sure, you didn't put notes in my lunchbox. Many times, Dad was making our lunches because you were working late at the hospital.

But you sure brought in the best birthday treats to my Catholic grade school. How many kids can say they got Happy Meals instead of cupcakes for their special day?

Mom, I know I am not the best daughter. But I try.

And Mom, I know there were times when I said, "I will never do that when I'm a parent."

But guess what, I have. And I know now it's because of the good values that you instilled when I was younger.

I learned from you that being a mom is the most important job that I could have ever been given.

So on my birthday, thank you, Mom. I love you, more than words can ever express.

Love always,


  1. Very sweet.

    Happy birthday here too!

    Also, 32? Seriously? 32????

    Man, I'm old.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! You are a young one. I love your take on the birthday post. What a sweet way to honor your mom. Hope all your wishes come true!


    What a nice post...what a fantastic idea, to thank your mom. I love the happy meal thing! That is great!


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