becoming an auntie

This past weekend, my family welcomed into the world Cousin2Amara.

He is a beautiful and healthy baby, with a wonderfully Filipino nose and a handsome smile.

We all could not wait for his arrival.

And we knew once he entered the world, we would drive down to Columbus to see him.

I knew I would bring him a gift or two.

And I expected to hear Amara complain about yet another boy cousin.

But what surprised me was not his premature arrival. I was overcome with emotion, thinking about Aunt2Amara, my little sister, becoming a mother.

And that's when I realized what it meant to become an auntie.

This little one is a part of my family.

Yet I do not have to deal with late night feedings and sleepless nights.

I do not have to worry about what preschool to send him to or how to fund his college education.

All I have to do is love him. And spoil him. And support his mom and dad.

I can look at Cousin2Amara and live vicariously through him and his mother.

I can be brought back to when Amara was born. I can remember when my water broke at work. I vividly think back to driving myself to the hospital and nervously waiting for Dad2Amara's arrival. I remember holding my daughter for the first time, lovingly staring into her brown eyes. And as auntie, all of those memories can come flooding back over me.

Cousin2Amara, we are so happy you are here. And we cannot wait to celebrate every milestone with you!


  1. How exciting! Congratulations - he's a cutie.

    PS: Too funny that your water broke at work too.

  2. it is really amazing to be an aunt!!! I was an aunt before I was a mommy, thanks to my brother's 2 kids, and you're right-you get to do all the lovin' and spoiling' without the parenting hardships.
    And my sister's baby-well, she may as well be mine-it was very emotional for me, as well, to see my baby sister become a mom!
    what a wonderful time for the 'family2amara'!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. There is nothing-NOTHING-like the feeling of seeing a brand new baby. Oh, how I miss that feeling.

  4. Oh he's so beautiful! Makes me want another one. Ok, not!

    I can imagine how emotional that could be. I know I would be when and if my sister ever finally decide to have kids.

    I love how you use Mom2Amara extended-ly to families and such. Lolo2Amara, Cousin2Amara...makes me giggle to think I am a FanOfMom2Amara

  5. Thanks everyone for the congrats! We are tickled we have a new little one in the family. I am especially excited since Amara will most likely be an only child.

    And MJ, I love that you're FanOfMom2Amara! For that, my dear, I owe you a martini!


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