I was just out for a stroll...

An interesting thing happened to me as I was out for an afternoon "stroll."

So I'm in week two of training for Team Challenge.

I am so blessed to say I have raised $550 in just over 48 hours. (BTW, you can still donate to the cause by clicking here!)

I am slowly increasing my mileage. I am at just under 2 miles now. And a month ago, I thought that would never happen.

Amara has dance class after school on Wednesdays. Trying to squeeze in a run anytime I can in my manic mommy schedule, I decided to dress in my running regalia. I dropped off Amara, parked the Mom-mobile, and took off like the wind.

I was running along a busy industrial parkway. Cars were whizzing by me left and right. But everyone was courteous and shared the road.

At about a mile and half into my journey, I could sense a vehicle slowing down behind me. I quickly realized the car was not going to pass.

The car was literally inches from my backside.

I thought, "Oh my gosh, I'm going to be kidnapped and raped and killed."

I left my ID, my car keys, and Blackberry in the car, so I had no way of calling for help.

I was in between two companies and in the midst of a wooded area.

My mind was racing.

I could hear the vehicle's window rolling down. This is it, I thought to myself.

And that's when my girlfriend yelled out a huge "hello!"


But that got me thinking.

There is beautiful nature center in my neighborhood. But I rarely go alone.

I enjoy the peaceful feeling that surrounds you there. But unless a friend or Dad2Amara come with me, I never take Amara into the preserve.

Maybe it's the industry I work with that makes me skeptical. Maybe I'm paranoid. But I'm afraid something horrible will happen.

So I guess it doesn't come as too much of a surprise that I was frightened during my run.

How do women stay safe?

I used to carry Mace with me when I lived alone in Chicago. But now, as Mom2Amara, I don't want it in the house. I don't want her to get a hold of it.

I could carry a whistle with me. But on the busy parkway in between large factories, there's no way anyone would have heard my cries for help.

Am I overreacting?

Is there something I can do to stay safe?

Anyone have any tips?


  1. I know the feeling! I love nature, and I would love to go on more hikes and walks, but I am paranoid too! Especially because you do hear about joggers and walkers going missing or getting attacked! Its a sad thing, isn't it, about our world these days...

  2. We have much better running routes in my neighborhood! Well marked bike lanes. You should run over here. (And pick me up on the way!)

  3. What about running with the dog? - Jaci


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