never ending questions

In my pursuit to run a half marathon in July (did I mention I'm still accepting donations?), I've found myself running more and more during the week.

I am now up to 3 miles comfortably. And by comfortably, I mean I don't feel like I'm going to die. But it is still difficult.

But with all my new found time to myself on the trails, I find a zillion questions running through my head.

Take this one. How do these runners look all fabulous when the cross the finish line?

Seriously, I'm a sweaty mess when I run. So what tricks are there so I can look all cute on the course?

Once I can jump the vanity hurdle, I start thinking about weight loss. I have been running for a month and two days (I'm not neurotic, I keep a log). Yet I don't think I'm losing any weight. I've made modifications to my diet. I'm drinking lots of water. And you all know I gave up alcohol for Lent. I feel phenomenal. Yet, my clothes don't feel any differently (I don't have a scale). Thoughts?

Last but not least, to my running friends: I have this nagging pain when I go up or down stairs. The pain runs from my knee to my ankle on the inside of both legs. Should I be concerned?

Who knew running would be so thought provoking?

photo credit: thomas_sly


  1. Your running is building muscle and, of course for some cruel reason, muscle weighs more than fat.Don't be discouraged! You'll see things like definition in your legs as you keep running...which if you ask me is 100x better than seeing a different # on the scale! Keep it up!

  2. When reading Body For Life For Women, the author mentioned that even after the change in diet and exercise you really wouldn't see pounds "falling off" until week 5 or 6; it's a 12 week program. I have a friend who did that particular diet and he said he was getting discouraged and he woke up one day about week 6 and was like "Whoa!"

    So your friend is right, running builds muscle and muscle eats fat for breakfast! So be encouraged, keep going and like Obama, change will come.


  3. I wish I was as tough as you! Whenever I make any attempt at running, all I can think about is, "I hate this!" Hats off to you!
    By the way, I tagged you for a meme... its here!

  4. OK Ladies, so in two weeks, I'm hoping to look stealth! :)

    Makita - I knew you'd be the one who would help me with the pain issue. (Em, I know you talked about it too...) I was going to give it another week and if it still ails me, I will call the doc. Promise.


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