not an ordinary trip to the salon

My parents created a monster.

Amara spent the evening at Lola and Lolo2Amara's and she came back a diva.

My mom is a bit high maintenance. She never leaves the house without makeup. Her hair is always done. And her nails are always manicured.

Now she has brainwashed my five-year-old daughter in thinking she needs the weekly pampering as well.

Oh yes. Amara has gotten her first manicure.

And as soon as she came home, my daughter opened Amara's Beauty Salon in our basement.

I was invited to be its first client.

I walked into the "salon," and was welcomed by a square yet bright receptionist. Spongebob Squarepants asked me to sign in.

Then my fashionista daughter took control, giving me a head to toe makeover. Hair, nails, and makeup.

You can tell by her outfit that she was up for the job.

I was quite happy with the service.

But I'd recommend making your appointments with Amara. I had a hard time talking to that sponge character.


  1. Her nails look so good. Where's your after photo? I'd like to see the results of Amara's Salon :) I think this would be a good excuse for mommy/daughter time - pedis/manis.

  2. i love the photos in this post! that really looks like a spa reception area and amara and her t-shirt - too, too much.

  3. Jen - wish I had an after photo. But as you know...where's mom? I'm always behind the camera. Someone has to be!

    Laurie - My girly girl is growing up so much! She's already asking when she can go for another mani.

  4. LOL! I love this!
    I'm a part-time spa consultant and my daughter LOVES to play spa at home. We do mani/pedi's and facials.
    I'm creating a monster....;^)

  5. Love her girl would LOVE that! Hey, what little girl wouldn't?!

    Love her salon. The receptionist though...a little wierd!!! :)

  6. oh my goodness. That was hysterical. I miss that little girl. Please tell her Miss Jaci says hello!


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