the way running shouldn't be

This past weekend marked the first group run for my half marathon training.

If you lived in the Midwest, then you know what I woke to on Sunday. (It was similar to what I faced yesterday.)


And mud.

Oh, and did I fail to mention we lost an hour of sleep because of daylight savings time.

But I still trudged trough the hour long car ride with two teammates in tow. (I volunteered to carpool.)

And you know what?

It wasn't so bad.

The weather was miserable.

And being on unfamiliar terrain was rough for me. I struggled for the last half of the run.

But one thing did make me feel better.

Stupid thing is they are the same exact pair of running shoes I previously owned. They're just the newer model. And cost me $15 more.

But I heart them.

Oh, and there was just one more thing.

I wasn't the last one to arrive at the finish line :)

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  1. Run Mom2Amara run! Way to go! I think if I could convince myself to start, it wouldn't be bad, right?

  2. I may be a rare breed...I really enjoy running. It's the conditioning my lungs to like it again is the hard part :) Run Jen run! I'll cheer you on!

  3. Man, I'm so proud of you. I seriously need to get motivated into doing anything like that.


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