why sometimes I don't trust my hubby

I was so grateful yesterday.

After three days of high fevers, medicine, and whines, Amara seemed to be doing better.

While I'm already at work, jamming away at the daily grind, Dad2Amara typically gets Amara ready for school in the morning. Then I rush home in the afternoon to greet her off the school bus.

So as I was sitting at my desk yesterday, I called home just to "check in."

Dad2Amara said she was fine. But when Amara took the phone, she sounded better. But she didn't sound 100% like herself.

Dad2Amara said I was "overreacting" and hurried my daughter off to school.

I worried.

But the day came and went. By day's end, Amara was exhausted.

I thought nothing of it.

Fast forward to this morning. My alarm went off. Next thing I know Amara is crying. She's cold. She can't move to get a tissue. She hurts.

I took care of my daughter.

Then I went back to bed to slug my husband.

Even from my work desk 30 miles away, I knew Amara shouldn't have gone to school yesterday.

But no. My hubby couldn't listen.

I knew I shouldn't have trusted him.

It's mommy intuition.


  1. Awww, trust me friend. My husband does the same thing, gets all three of our children ready for school so I can be at work on time. Maybe, just maybe you're being a little tough on your hubby. Yes, Mom's know when something just isn't right. But do you truly think your husband would have sent baby girl to school if he KNEW it wasn't in her best interest? I know when my kids are sick, I get a call from the school quick fast saying come and get them. Cut hubby a break. I pray Amara feels better real soon.

  2. It's all in jest. Trust me. Dad2Amara would do the same thing to me had the situation been reversed. :)

    But there is something to be said about a mom's intuition. Sometimes we just know stuff that dads just can't. When kids are sick, there's a reason why they want their mama...

  3. I think my intuition is on the fritz. I tend to be the overthinker when it comes to the kids (blame it on the internet) while husband is the more practical, grounded one. We balance each other out.

  4. I think it's pretty common. My husband tends to think I overreact to things. When I called him to tell him something was wrong with our son, he had fallen and "something is wrong" but I couldn't put my finger on it. He just really thought I was overreacting. Well guess what? My little boy had had a stroke. Yep.

    Mommies know. We just know. But then, I'm home with them all day. I should know when something isn't right...

  5. Oh, poor Amara, that sounds like she was miserable! How is she doing now? Did she get any better over the weekend? When I was a little kid my mom would always give my brother and me one extra sick day, just to make sure we were better, so we ddin't have to jump back into the routine of school after being on bedrest for days! Anyway I hope Amara is feeling OK!


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