what makes a 5 year old nervous

Amara recently came with me to pick up some take out for dinner.

Our order was not ready when we arrived. So we popped a squat.

As we waited, Amara became very quiet.

I asked what was the matter.

And she told me she was nervous.

Amara said in a few months she'd be a first grader. And that meant a new school with harder subjects and new classmates.

Amara said she was "nervous" as evident by her quivering hands.

It was the sweetest yet saddest thing I had seen in a long time!

Her innocence was so apparent. Yet my heart was breaking for my little girl.

I tried to parlay her fears.

But thankfully at that moment, her gourmet grilled cheese sandwich order arrived. And she easily switched topics.

But I kept thinking. It's only April. And she's worried about the first day of school already?!

That girl takes a lot in. And she leaves it on her plate. And she overanalyzes.

Sorry, Amara. I was hoping you wouldn't inherit that trait of mine.


  1. That breaks my heart. I wonder if my girl is feeling the same. Don't you wish you could take away all their fears?

  2. Aw, poor little kid, she was shaking? Maybe you could remind her that she was probably just as nervous when she was thinking about kindergarten, and THAT turned out okay!

  3. This one made me so sad because she was so dead serious. I tried to reassure her that she was nervous for kindergarten but all was well now. But you know what scared her the most? First grade phonics!

  4. poor Amara. She is the cutest kid ever! That would have almost broken my heart.

  5. Oh, poor thing! My kids haven't quite shown too much of that side of me. I hope they don't ever. It's no fun being worried all the time.

    I'm sure Amara knows that you'll be right there with her to help if she needs it. She will do great!


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