beautifully sung

I've been in hiding these days lately.

I feel like I have nothing profound to share.

And the blogging bug hasn't quite struck me as feverishly has it has in the past.

But like a catchy tune you can't shake, Amara hit me with a wonderful surprise.

Yesterday her class hosted a Mothers Day tea.

I was working an evening shift (don't ask) and fortunately able to attend.

Before leaving for school that day, Amara looked at me and said, "Mom, you might cry today."

And I asked why.

"Because I just might sing so beautifully."

You know what?

She sang loudly and out of tune.

But she was proud her mommy was able to attend.

This Mothers Day, I'm proud of my daughter.

And I'm thrilled Aunt2Amara has her own little one to help celebrate the day.

And I'm thankful Lola2Amara is still with us.

And I hope that all of you are just as blessed on Mothers Day!


  1. Amara always makes me laugh with the things she says! I noticed you hadn't been blogging a lot lately... I'm glad its just because you were kinda bored with it, not because you got kidnapped by the mafia and were sleeping with the fishes or something like that!!!

  2. She is absolutely precious.

    Happy Mothers Day to you!

  3. I'm glad to hear Lola is doing well. Missing your posts but totally get you - when it's not there, it's not there. Enjoy the break.

    Amara is too cute - what a great moment.

  4. You are extremely blessed and lucky. We both are and I know we both realize it! Happy Mother's Day, Monina! Love you!

  5. Did you cry? I love it when they sing loud and off-key. Those are the best kind of songs. :)

    Hope you had a happy day!


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