my baby is six

I don't know how it happened.

But my baby is now six years old.

It seemed like only yesterday I was at work, stopping mid-sentence because my water broke. So there I was driving myself to the hospital. And only a few hours later, my life changed forever.

Yes, it seems like yesterday.

Amara had a wonderful birthday party with our family and her close friends.

Her birthday bash at the ballpark included throwing out the first pitch and run of the bases after the game.

That was Sunday.

On Monday -- her actual birthday -- she requested her Grandma's brownies for breakfast and Red Robin for lunch.

Everything else was pretty low key. Dad2Amara and I were both home celebrating with her.

We couldn't have asked for more.

So happy birthday, our dear sweet Amara.

Your mom and dad love you!


  1. Welcome back. I hope all is well with you and your family.

    Too funny that both our water broke at work and we both drove ourselves to the hospital.

    Time does fly by. She is beautiful.
    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl.

  2. this made me teary and put quite the lump in my throat. she is lovely. and so well loved. you can tell by every word you write and it glows in every photo. happy birthday, amara.

  3. oh please tell Amara I said Happy Birthday! I dont know if its too late to call so I'll try later this week. Miss Jaci and "him" miss her and you both.


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