a 'fair' weekend

Talk about mommy guilt at its best.

While I am not envious of Dad2Amara's untimely job loss (and trust me, it's hurting our family financially...a lot), he does get to spend the summer with Amara.

I've never been lucky enough to spend 3 months uninterrupted with my daughter.

So when I have a day off, I try to squeeze in as much F-U-N as I can.

I had to work one day this weekend so Mom2Amara had to be creative with our "together" time.

Fortunately, my friend Emily treated us Friday to a beautiful sunset over Lake Erie.

I slaved over a computer at work Saturday. Yuck.

Then finally...my weekend began.

First I hit the gym. And I went for a run.

Legs. Were. Like. Jello.

Then we went to church.

The walls did not come crumbling down.

So next, I figured, what the heck! Let's run through the sprinklers!

So it's not really sprinklers but those squirty fountain thingies at the local shopping center.

And then it was off to our church's Oktoberfest. (Why it's Oktoberfest in July, I'll never understand.)

It's really not a huge shindig. It's more like a local fair. But it's big on fun.

Well not that big if you ask Nibble, the minature horse.

And not that big if you ask Rainbow the goldfish, our newest family member.

This doesn't include the trip to Target for a new hairdryer (rest in peace good buddy, you were a good hairdryer), a stop at Walmart for a fish bowl, and planting a blue prince holly bush in the front yard.

Now I'm pooped. But all in all, I think we had a pretty fair weekend! Hope you did too!


  1. I'd have given you a goldfish bowl, gravel, psychedelic plant and food for free. The goldfish Jaidin won at the Fairport Mardis Gras kicked the buckets last week :-(

  2. That sounds like a great weekend! A church in my town had Oktoberfest last weekend. I couldn't understand that either! I was like, "Uh does Germany use a different calendar or something?" Hmm! Cool about the goldfish!


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