Chinese takeout anyone?

I am attempting to get back into the swing of things now that the half marathon is over.

And that now includes watching what I consume on a daily basis.

Because apparently I was eating us out of house and home while I was training.

Of course we all crave what we can't have.

And when I got home from work Wednesday, all I wanted was fried rice and dumplings.

Little did I know Amara had my back.

When I put down my purse and took off my shoes, Amara and Grandma2Amara were playing a game of Monopoly. Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly.

And my daughter apparently did not allow Grandma2Amara to make a purchase on the board because she's not Asian. She's Polish.

Amara just didn't think it would be right.

What property was it Grandma2Amara wanted to buy?

Guess I need to have a talk with the girl, eh?


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