I can't cook

Yes I like Spam. And pasta is as adventurous as I can get in the kitchen.

I'd rather do take out.

But I want a new kitchen!

Actually, I don't even need the kitchen. I want a patio.

In the Yellow House, I had a terrific backyard.

I had my morning coffee on that deck nearly year round.

I could read a book while Amara played on the swingset.

Here in the Grey House, not so much.

It's just grass and trees.

So there's no coffee breaks. No cooking out. No outdoor time.

And that's kinda sad.

So tonight, we're meeting with a contractor to price out a patio.

I have no idea if we'll actually take the plunge and do it. Money's tight right now.

But with our perpetual staycation, I need a place to relax.

I'm thinking maybe a fire pit.

Or even a fireplace.

I'd love a pergola.

And of course, Dad2Amara is drooling over stainless steel grills and refrigerators.

So while it may all be a pipe dream right now, it's nice to dream.

What's in your backyard?

And what do you wish were in it?

I need the ideas.

A side note: Amara and I took part in the date and time oddity that took place yesterday.

At 12:34:56 on the 7th month, 8th day in 2009, Amara and I were in our front yard.

What were you doing?


  1. We have a patio right now and actually are going thru estimates for a pergola (we get hit with full sun in the afternoon). My wish list would include all of the above but don't think the yard is big enough. I start drooling when the contractors show me their pictures - of course the houses are ginormous. LOL!


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