know any good wines?

I ended my day yesterday being held hostage by a sick 6 year old in my office as she snuggled up against me on the sofa.

Amara has what the doctor called virtually a kidney infection.

She was given some heavy meds to deal with the pain and her fever.

And I prescribed myself a glass of red at wine o'clock.

It was then I realized that in one week, I will find myself - sans family - in Wine Country.

I've never been to Napa or Sonoma. I can only base my excitement on friends recommendations and internet ramblings.

So if you know of any good wineries I should try and hit, let me know. (Chateau St. Jean and Benziger Wineries are two I'm considering.)

I'd love to try some fabulous Californian meals too. (Just don't tell me to try Mustards Grill or Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen because sadly my hotel is a good 45 mintues west of their locations.)

And I have that whole Team Challenge running thing. Have I mentioned I'm running the Napa to Sonoma half marathon? [smile]

But back to the vino.

Last night's bottle was courtesy of a co-worker who makes it out of his basement. And it was delightful.

Sometimes I go for Two Buck Chuck (which goes for $3 here).

I do love Francis Coppola Cabernet Sauvignon.

How about you? How do you celebrate wine o'clock?

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  1. These are among my favorites and should be in the "area". Maybe you can find some other peeps to rent a limo with. It seems although everyone is charging for tastings now (haven't been in 5 yrs) so pick the best ones & make it worth your dime. You really can't go wrong-the food & wine & air are fabulous. Enjoy your time-you'll want to return with your hubby. (in Sonoma town) Looks like a dive-best jerky ever!

  2. OMG You are a lifesaver! I may be dining on my own Sunday after the race (everyone keeps saying how tired they'll be...but I know I want to make the most of my time out there!) so these suggestions are perfect!

  3. OMG if you're going to be in Sonoma, you should really check out Dry Creek, and Passalaqua which is conveniently across the street, they are our favorites. We also like Fieldstone, but they are a bit of a hike. I hope you have fun!


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