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During a trip to Target this past weekend, I was shocked to see school supplies already filling their seasonal shelves.

It was the first week of July. The temperatures have barely made it over 89 degrees. Yet there were aisles and aisles of backpacks and notebooks.


But the filler paper and pencils made me think about some of my “famous” classmates.

Who needs six degrees of separation? I can narrow it down to just one or two.

For those in Northeast Ohio, you’ll be familiar with the county corruption scandal. Federal indictments have started to come down and you guessed it: I went to school with one defendant that has already pleaded guilty. I even think I kissed Brian Schuman on the school bus on the way home from our Catholic grade school.

I went to high school with Miss Michigan 2004. And Stacey is just as nice as she is gorgeous.

A roommate in college ran for State Rep in his home state. I’m still friends with Josh Watson on Facebook.

I have some not-so-famous classmates too who live exciting lives. There are friends that work at CNN. Classmates that are now serving our country overseas.

And I don’t think I’ve done so badly myself.

Makes me wonder what Amara and her classmates will be up too in 20 years.

Do you have any famous classmates?


  1. Can't think of any - we're such an ambitious bunch. Ha! I saw Halloween/fall decorations at Michaels (a craft store). That's too early.

  2. Weirdly, no.

    Plenty of folks doing great things ... but no one "nearly famous".

    What's with all this blogging? :)

  3. My dad went to high school in Dayton with Martin Sheen.

  4. GrandeMocha - everyone seems to be from Ohio!

    Chris - yea, what is with all this blogging?!?! :)


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