round and round

It's the second week of July. And Amara has been on her bicycle once this summer.


It's not the unseasonably cooler temperatures.

It's not because she doesn't enjoy riding her bike.

It's because Dad2Amara took off her training wheels.

And my big girl is refusing to learn how to ride without four wheels.

I don't know if I can blame her.

Amara fell off her first bike on day one.

But now I'm faced with a soon-to-be first grader who can't ride a two-wheeler.

When I was pregnant, I feared certain things. I didn't want to break the baby. I didn't want an 8 year old that wasn't potty trained. And I didn't want a college student that didn't know how to ride a bike.


Amara's afraid of losing her balance.

And you know what? There are plenty of times in my life that I wish I still had training wheels on too. So I can't blame her.

But I want to say sayonara training wheels. Good riddance!

But I think we're stuck.

And now I need ideas.

Positive thoughts and affirmation are so not working with my child.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I think with bike riding you have to wait until the child is ready and willing. Is there anyone in the neighborhood that she can "bike" around with. Sometimes peer pressure can be a good thing.

  2. Hi Mo,

    My niece *just* learned last week (and she is 6 also) and my neighbor is 7 and in 2nd grade and can't yet, so you are not alone. One thing I think helped Josh was lowering the seat so his legs could touch the ground. He has a 16 inch bike, but I know some kids have LITTLE bikes, like 12 inches etc and she probably wouldnt ride on it for real, but she might be comforted that she could stop herself by just putting her feet down. Maybe you could borrow one from a neighbor? She will get there.
    Julie (jules23)

  3. You ladies make me feel so much better!

    Jen - no neighborhood kids her age. Everyone's younger. So no peer pressure there while school's out.

    Julie - Dad2Amara is gonna try to lower her seat. That's a brilliant idea!

    Joanna - When I read your comment, I sighed with relief. I don't own a bike (although I'm asking for one for Christmas!) so even if Amara wanted to ride in the park with me, she couldn't. So so what if she can't ride a bike? There are other talents and skills she has. You are so right!

  4. When I was growing up, my mom tried to get me to play the piano, sew and cook - none of which I had any interest in - and still don't. When she finally realized that no matter how much she pushed, I wasn't going to do those things, she finally let go and let me be me. After experiencing this, I let my son be himself. In Amara's case, your hubby's idea just might work, so give it a shot again, and see what happens. If it works, great!

  5. You have NO idea how much better this made me feel. First of all, we live in the country and there hardly IS anywhere to ride. My son turned 10 last week and is really shaky on the bike, but FINALLY wants to learn. We are going up to the schoolyard a bit to practice. Then we can all hit the bike trails together!

    I am relived that I am not alone in wondering if he is way behind the eight ball! Thanks... and don't worry, she will get it when she gets it!!

  6. Kimmy - you have no idea how good YOUR post made me feel. Although I am not very concerned about whether or not my son ever learns to ride a bike, knowing that there are other 10 year old boys out there like him, makes me feel better about it all, too.

  7. Kimmy and Joanna, you make ME feel better too!

  8. With our boys they all learnt at different times/ different stages in their lives.
    Our baby is still using training wheels at the age of four.
    Our next boy up is now seven, and he only learnt this Christmas gone.
    He was riding on the grass, with Daddy holding on, and daddy (accidentally) let go and our boy kept riding. He did not realise he was going around by himself until he was all the way around the we can't keep him off his bike.
    They all learn when they are ready...put it this way, can you really see her doing things in her 20s that she does now? They grow so quickly and so 15 year old does more than he did at 10!! Enjoy the great days when they are so young, and that they are not sure...because before you know it they are too big for hugs and kisses (even though I sneak one in!!)
    Hope she rides when she is least expecting it:)

  9. I got my bike in Kindergarten and then we moved to a city where my mom never let me ride it, except in the empty garage while my dad was at work. I was well into 2nd grade before I'd really mastered it, I think it's overrated. Unless your family goes on lots of bike rides? (Just started reading your blog so I'm not sure.) But, I think she'll learn when she's ready, especially if she sees other kids her age riding around.

  10. My neighbor gave me this advice for teaching a kid how to ride a bike, which I had never heard before. It's easier to learn while riding in a circle than riding in a straight line. They took their kid to the park and got him to ride in circles and the kid learned in one afternoon how to ride. I was amazed. I'd never heard this. So, if Amara does decide she wants to learn, maybe you can try this trick and let me know if it works. I'm intrigued by it now.

    BTW, we still have to meet up for lunch!


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