she's no spelling bee champ

Grandma2Amara thinks Amara is a genius.

She'd have you think Amara is concocting a cure for a cancer in her bedroom.

So to keep Amara busy this summer, Grandma2Amara bought her Hooked On Phonics.

Unfortunately, there's no warm and fuzzy feelings between me and Amara like the commercial would suggest.

She loves Hooked on Math.

And she's pretty good at it for a six year old.

She loves Hooked on Spelling too.

Too bad she's not as successful at that.

She had an exercise today that instructed her to come up with as many words as possible using a given set of letters.

I questioned her on some of her words.

And I laughed at all of her responses.

Me: Amara, what does "yep" mean?
Amara: Yep, like "yepperini" [as she waves her arm in front of her and gives me a thumbs up]

Me: So what's "sim?"
Amara: It rhymes with Dad's name, Tim.

Me: OK so last one. What's "tep" mean?
Amara: Mom, you know! Like the Tupperware in our cabinets.

And that's why I hate arguing with her. She always makes sense.

One side note: For those of you who watch So You Think You Can Dance, I just want you all to know that I cried watching Jason and Jeanine dance Wednesday night. I cried. I was so moved but their performance!


  1. Hey man, she's got a great imagination!

  2. Keep her on the math train ... that way she won't end up like us!

  3. She'd do well on that FB game...forget what it's called but those words count on FB.

  4. Chris - I know! I dread to think of her entering TV like her mommy!

    Jen - that's all I need. Amara already wants to know why she can't have a website like me and iCarly. Guess I should be happy I'm up there with iCarly, eh?

    Kristen - I don't know if that's imagination or her trying to get out of work!

  5. Not really on topic, but my hubby's name is Tim! I'm hearing the weird Twilight Zone music.


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