the cycles of my first spin class

I was afraid.

I was surrounded by women in little shorts and tank tops and men with muscles.

I found myself in a similar situation a few months back. And I had walked away.

But this time, I stuck around.

I was entering my first spin class.

I don't want to hit runners' burnout. So I forced myself to try something different.

And by the end of the 45 minute class, I found myself loving what I had discovered.

So if you're thinking of trying it out, here are a few tips from a newbie.
  1. Bring water. You'll be drinking lots of it.
  2. Bring a towel. You'll be sweating. A lot.
  3. Get to class early. You want to get there with enough time to pick a bike located in the room that makes you comfortable. Me? I wanted to be somewhere where I could see the instructor yet didn't feel like everyone's eyes were on me.
  4. Talk to the instructor. Another reason to get there early is so your teacher can show you how the bike works, give an overview of what moves they may be trying, etc.
  5. Push yourself, but don't overdo it. You came to class for a reason - to challenge yourself. But if the resistance feels like it's a bit too much or if the jumps seem too advanced, do what's comfortable for you. Listen to your body.
By the end of the class, I was doing jumps just like my classmates.

I was amazed at how fast the class went.

It was like a match made in heaven - my instructor and me.

She is a runner too. Has run in four marathons and plenty of half's.

And she played songs from artists straight from my own playlist like Ida Maria and the Ting Tings.

I was breathing heavy. Yet it felt much "easier" than running for 45 minutes.

My quads were on fire. And it felt great.

And to be honest, there were people in the class that couldn't keep up with the instructor.

And you know what? It didn't matter.

So now I'm wondering what's next. What other classes should I venture into at the gym?


  1. I'm hitting spin class again tonight. I do love it. And it's helping me do more breathing that's expanding my lungs and hopefully that'll help me on my runs too!


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