when are you supposed to let go?

Last week I received an unexpected email.

It was composed by Friend2Amara's mom.

The note was long and involved.

Its message was simply put.

Yet it pierced through my mommy heart.
Friend2Amara would like to bring Amara to the amusement park next Friday. We will leave in the morning and return home at 11 p.m.

Amara's only six!

And they want to take her to an amusement park 45 minutes away? All day?

Is this normal? Do kids go away on little road trips with their friends' families at this young of an age?

What's next? Sleepovers?

We know this family. Parents are responsible. Amara's independent.

But I still wanted to say "no!"

Amara's my baby!

I can't let her go!

She's always supposed to be with me, right?

What if she gets anxious not being around Dad2Amara and me? [considering she kicked me out of the classroom the first day of preschool, it's highly doubtful]

What if Amara gets lost? [not likely since she has a built in GPS]

What if she gets mean and bitchy by the end of the very long day? [yea, I haven't come up with a reasonable answer for this one yet]

No matter how hard I tried, I could not validate my fears.

And Amara is now excitedly getting ready for her big day at the amusement park this week.

I still question her heading for roller coasters and log rides without her parents.

But is there really a set age when to let go?


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  1. Having worked at an amusement park in the past, just want to say a few things:
    1. She'll be too small to go on a lot of the bigger, scarier rides. There's usually a lot of small rides for kids that hopefully she'll get to enjoy.

    2. You should be very clear with Friend2Amara's mom that if Amara does not want to ride/do something, then she doesn't have to. I saw a ton of adults trying to pressure really small kids into going on roller coasters, etc.

    As a mom, I'm thinking 11pm is a bit late for a return. But that's your call.

    Hope she has fun and all goes well!

  2. Ah... I'm with you. I don't even drop my kiddos off at bday parties. I'm a hands-on mom. If you know the parents though - and from what I know of Amara - you'll all be fine. It will be a good day for you to get a massage or ?

  3. How did it go? Did she love her time away or miss her mom? How did you deal? - Jaci

  4. I wish I knew the answer to that. Sweetie Pie is six and has never spent the night anywhere - not even with grandparents (they live too far away). I've never dropped him off at birthday parties either. He once asked me if he would be able to go places alone when he became a teenager. LOL! I told him maybe.


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