when losing is pretty cool

It was a big weekend for Amara.

Being one of the youngest in her kindergarten class, Amara watched as kid after kid boasted about the tooth fairy's visit.

Every so often, Amara would tug on each tooth, hoping one would be loose.

And finally one day last month, the dentist mentioned that she would be losing a tooth this summer.

Well I came home Sunday after a long run to a hysterical child.

Amara was eating Cheetos and her tooth loosened so much it was barely hanging on to the gum. And she was bleeding.

Of course Dad2Amara was of no help consoling her.

He suggested to her the old tie-the-tooth-to-a-string-and-attach-it-to-a-door technique and it freaked her out even more.

So once I calmed her down, I was able to convince her to have lunch.

And lo' and behold, the tooth came out!

My baby's first tooth came out!

I don't know who was more excited. Me, who rushed to find a camera.

Or Amara, who rushed to call Lolo and Lola2Amara and Grandpa and Grandma2Amara.

We put her tooth in a special faux silk pouch strategically placed beneath her pillow.

I sadly thought I wouldn't get to see her reaction when she woke up this morning to find that the tooth fairy has visited. (I'm at work early today...don't ask.)

But Amara ran into our bedroom at 6 a.m. to show us the dollar coin that magically appeared.

Losing her first tooth is just another sign that my baby is growing up.



  1. so cute!!! Tell Amara that Miss Jaci said congrats on losing her first tooth!

  2. Hooray - how exciting! We're still waiting to lose our first tooth. My guy is 8 and will be in 3rd grade - he's got some strong baby teeth. Now the permanent teeth are coming, making a second row of teeth. Lovely.

  3. How exciting!! I love the Tooth Fairy!

  4. Hey Jen - Call your dentist. My son has a special dentist for kids. He told me that if I saw a second row of teeth, call ASAP. The baby teeth need to come out.

  5. Amara's still so proud. She's going around calling herself "Toothless Bean!"

  6. Oh and Grande, love the name!

  7. Little Bear lost her first tooth last week, too! Personally, I can't stand dealing with little kids' teeth... it grosses me out, with the blood and gaping holes and everything!!!


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