am I still running?

It's been three weeks since the Napa2Sonoma half marathon.

And the question I hear the most nowadays is: "Are you still running?"

And as a newbie runner, I didn't know what to expect after that experience.

Would I still want to run?

Would I be motivated to continue even if I no longer had the "charity" aspect hanging over me?

The answer, surprisingly enough, is yes.

The summer heat has finally arrived in Cleveland so road running has been out of the question. This frightened me because the last time I got into running, I stopped because of the summer heat and couldn't get back on track. (No pun intended.)

1) No more iCarly. Even with temperatures in the upper 80's, because I crave my running time, I have become fast friends with the treadmill. I can watch Top Chef Masters or Real Housewives of Atlanta uninterrupted! No one is trying to watch NCIS or Spongebob Squarepants. That's reason enough to keep running at the gym!

2) I can't say I'm a fat girl. I've complained and complained that the scale is not budging. But this week I had a health checkup and it showed that while my BMI is still high, my body fatness is in the "acceptable" level. Guess all that training hasn't been for not!

3) My running shoes are cute. No matter how many miles I log, I still love my Brooks shoes. And I only have to replace my shoes every four months or so. I don't need special equipment. I can wear virtually any tshirt and shorts I want. All I need are my shoes. It's a pretty cheap hobby, considering the tanking economy and all.

With the stresses involved at home and at work, I wouldn't be able to find the money to pay for a therapist nor do I think I'd find a therapist who would have the patience for me. Running is my therapy.

So if you must ask, yes, I am still running. And I hope to run for a long time to come.

Who knows, there could be another half marathon in my future.


  1. Love the "Running is Cheaper than Therapy" pic - so true- especially with kids running in circles around you : )! I have been working up for my first 5k this summer! Can't imagine a 1/2 marathon! Great Job!

  2. I love to run as well and find a great escape from it. Even if I have to do it at 5:30 AM at the gym before my hubby goes to work and the little one is up. Keep it up! Sounds like you are doing great thing for yourself (which is a MUST!)


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