does this backpack make my butt look big?

This used to be one of my favorite times of the year.

It wasn't that I was excited to go back to class.

And heaven knows I never had my summer reading completed.

But did I love back-to-school shopping.

Lola and Lolo2Amara would take me and Aunt2Amara to the mall. And we would come out of the stores with mounds and mounds of new stuff.

Did we have the latest fashions? Ripped jeans or straight leg? Slouchy socks or sandals? Shoulder pads or not?

Were our backpacks just the right size? Or should it be a messenger bag? Or no bag at all?

Should we grab a lunch box? Or is this the year we pack in brown paper bags? Or do we buy?

What Trapper Keeper should I pick? Maybe a Lisa Frank notebook?

Grrrrr! The decisions!

But now?

Maybe it's the economy.

Or maybe Amara's not materialistic. (Yea, right.)

But this year less seems to be more.

I remember lugging around an extra bag to the first day of school so I could get all my boxes of tissue, notebooks, and 64-count Crayola crayons - complete with sharpener - to my teacher.

Now? We can fit all of Amara's school supplies in her iCarly backpack. And We must also send in an $80 check to school for "additional" supplies.

Amara is happy wearing her Crocs year round. But the footwear has been banned from school grounds. So we must buy our daughter new shoes acceptable for education and play. Add another 30-some dollars.

No, she didn't need this dress. And this shirt did yell Amara's name.

But we didn't come home with bags and bags of clothes. We had one bag. Yet you add the jeans, socks, and t-shirts all up and we still spent a small fortune.

When did back-to-school shopping get so expensive?

Luckily, everything we purchased skyrocketed Amara's self-esteem. And she never did ask if the backpack makes her butt look big.

Although I know I sometimes blame my purse for making my rear look one size larger. You know, I have to blame something.


  1. back to school already? It feels like the summer just started here in Boston. Amara looks so cute in her new backpack!

  2. I know what you mean about expensive. We are headed to Old Navy this evening because jeans are $19.99 and my nine year old (a boy) is all materialistic too. We went to the Shoe Dept. and got a good deal on shoes.

  3. Your post title is cracking me up. MG got similiar shoes except hers have all sorts of colors (drama!) and love the tee you picked out -- that is so Amara. btw, trapper keepers are not allowed at our school. I wonder why?

  4. why are crocs not allowed? i don't understand.

  5. Jaci - Amara is so excited you saw her backpack! You know, your opinion means so much :)

    Living It, Loving It - maybe I'm cheap, but even $19.99 jeans seem like a lot for a kid not in high school! Girl, have times changed!

    Jen - so weird trapper keepers aren't allowed. Wonder what spurred that decision?!?!

    Aunt2Amara - Crocs are a safety hazard. They can slip off during recess on the blacktop. And sharp scissors can drop into the holes and injure a child. Or so they say.


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