Free For All

With Dad2Amara's recent job loss due to the current state of the economy, you can say that most of our summer plans have been put on eternal hold.

No Mickey and Minnie.

No trip to the Jersey Shore.

Roller coasters at Cedar Point look unlikely too.

But who says nothing's for free?

Everyone knows I've taken advantage of the fountain at Crocker Park.

But this weekend, we hung out at its Kids Park event.

It didn't cost us a dime (unless you count the Webkinz we were conned into buying afterwards).

Crocker Park had egg races.

Painted Penguin allowed her to put her handprint on a tile. At no cost.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory let the kids drizzle white chocolate on pretzel rods then sprinkle them in all sorts of colors.

And everyone had a tattoo of some sort to rock out her right forearm.

And that wasn't all. There was music. And more games. And more activities. (Did I mention Dick's Sporting Goods gave me a coupon for 20% off apparel when Amara kicked a soccer ball into a goal? Score for Mom2Amara!)

It was fabulous. And Dad2Amara didn't have to think twice about how much money we were spending.

I'm getting good at spotting great deals, something that was never my forte.

We explore the trails in the Metroparks.

Amara will be concocting a collage this week at the Lorain Public Library System.

We may have not had many "hot" days but when we do, we try to hit Huntington Beach.

We have to count our pennies, more so now than ever.

And I know we're not alone.

What do you with your children in your communities that doesn't cost a cent?


  1. We are spending alot of time at the pool. When we had to downsize a couple of years ago, the biggest benefit of apartment living is the pool!

  2. We also spend a lot of time at our community pool and parks. Also the library - lots of shows/events for the summer.

  3. I know how you feel! I was just thinking about how last summer I was able to take them to so many cool places, and this summer we've really had to scale back! But the Internet actually helped me come up with a pretty good routine... on Wednesdays we go to Wild Wednesday at one of the nature centers, where we get to have an animal encounter, go fishing, play at the playground, etc, all for free. On Thursdays there's a park district that offers free kid-friendly entertainment, and there's a playground there too. On the rest of the days, we go to nature centers, parks, libraries and splash pads, all of which are free. I've managed to find some free festivals and other events to visit. Plus Little Bear got a trampoline for her birthday, so there have been days when we just stayed home and jumped the day away!


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