Midwestern tourist

I went M.I.A. again. I know.

But I had a very good reason: my cousin came to visit.

Oddly enough, I met my cousin for the very first time last Friday when I picked her up at the airport.

She grew up in the Philippines and then moved to England.

Me? Cleveland girl, born and raised.

I wanted my cousin's inaugural trip to the United States to be memorable.

But everywhere we turned, people would question her.
Why did you make a stop in Cleveland?
I was under tremendous pressure to show her why Family2Amara has stayed in Ohio.

So we played tourist.

Nothing screams Americana more than the all-American game of baseball. Especially minor league baseball.

And did you know they don't have a Cheesecake Factory in London? (Although Amara proves you don't have to be a tourist to enjoy the whipped cream!)

And I do live on a Great Lake. So the beaches is a plus.

And while our Chinatown is smaller than those in other metropolitan areas, they sure can host great family dinners.

If you haven't played tourist in your own city, I highly suggest you do.

You can rediscover some of the wonderful places that make others love your hometown.

For me and Amara? I'm hoping we can get out to explore the city again before summer ends. We had so much fun. Who knows where we'll end up!


  1. yay for playing tourist in your own city!! hope some real time off is on the horizon, though. and i LOVED the pics. Amara is really a beautiful girl with tons of personality. I can tell!

  2. How fun! I think that's when we get to see our town too...when people come to visit. Although we did go to the zoo on Saturday.


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