Halloween costume FAIL

Would you let your 6 year old daughter wear this?

Don't worry. I didn't let Amara walk out in this outfit.

I was actually appalled when we hit the dressing rooms this past weekend and this costume didn't cover her belly.

But I still had to take a picture and call it a major FAIL!

All she wanted to be was a cheerleader. But the costumes had either too-short skirts or looked really gaudy. So we tried on this one.

How can this be marketed to such little girls?

How can they think this is appropriate for someone her age?

I've seen horrible costumes. Those that include fishnet stockings. Some outfitted for "pimps" that are in preschool.

Trust me. I was able to steer Amara towards another costume.

And we found a matching one for Dad2Amara.

We're taking both down to Disney. So I'll post pre-Halloween pictures soon!


  1. Have fun at Disney - is Amara done with the princess thing? After that, the costumes are very sketchy. What about being a ghost and just throwing a sheet over her? At least she'll be covered from head to toe. :)

  2. When I saw the pic, I thought "I really hope she did not buy that." Good for you! We are looking into Halloween customes too, but we haven't yet made up our minds. My son wants to be a cop and make his little brother a prisioner. I am not sure on that one. :)

  3. Glad to know other moms are finicky about such things! Just wait until you have to take your girl to pick out a Homecoming or Prom dress - oh boy! Fortunately, my daughter likes classy styles - I got lucky.

  4. Yep, nothing like starting them early on using Halloween as a day to walk around basically naked!

  5. I'm with you on this one. Thanks for sharing.

  6. HI! I was one of the Mom Central bloggers from Cleveland who was at the circus. Just stopping by everyones blog that was on the list!

    Glad there are still people out there that care what their daughters wear=)


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