self portrait

I'm always amazed to hear how Amara describes herself.

Sometimes she has the ego the size of Montana. She'll say she's a "hot mama."

Other times she'll shame me by saying she's an "ungrateful, horrible" child. Yes, not my prettier moments.

But truly, honestly. Amara makes me proud.

For Girl Scouts, I had the girls make faces representing their own.

Amara made sure her face was glammed up.

Big dimples.

Flashy earrings.

And a bright bow on her head.

It's perfect.

And she is beautiful.


  1. So cute! I love when my kids draw self-portraits. I have them all framed and hanging in the house. She did a great job and hope that one finds a place of honor in your home.

  2. Oh, I really like that, too! Love the dimples and lips!

  3. She reminds me so much of Little Bear! How strange that she sometimes thinks she's sn ungrateful, horrible child! I wonder if she heard that description somewhere else, on TV or something? Little Bear does that a lot, memorizes little snippets of TV shows and uses them in her real life.


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