Day 16

One week into hospice care at a facility and over two weeks since Mom's grim prognosis, and I am now feeling a sense of gratitude for even the smallest things.
  • I love home cooked meals. In the days of fast food and vending machine cuisine, I am thankful for friends that have brought us dinner from their kitchens.

  • My girlfriend gave me a jar of Chanel anti-aging cream. Sounds crazy. But it's a bit of luxurious pampering to bring up my self esteem after I shower in the hospice family bathroom.

  • I am grateful for all the untold stories that are now being shared, tales about my Mom in her professional and spiritual lives.

  • Words cannot express how lucky I am to have friends who do not expect a returned call. Friends call or text message me to check in and none of them feel slighted when I don't call back. It pains me to rehash the details of my Mom's condition. And they understand that.

  • I am grateful to our friends who have offered to watch Amara so that my husband can spend time with me at hospice.

  • And I am thankful for those who offer to sit with Mom so that my Dad could enjoy a meal out if he so chooses.

  • *added at a later date* I'm blessed to know the coolest PR diva around town who baked the best pumpkin bread ever and brought me fresh coffee.