Day 4

Yesterday wasn't about the cancer.

It was about Amara.

I haven't seen my daughter in days.

I leave early in the morning to be with my mom.

I arrive home so late my first grader has already been tucked in for the night.

Amara's beginning to question where I am. Why I am "working" so late.

I do not want to worry her.

So when Aunt2Amara announced she would be in town for the weekend, I knew I could make Saturday be as normal as possible for my little one.

We started out with the homecoming parade. Amara proudly marched with her dance studio.

Then it was a midday nap for both of us.

Before heading out to a gorgeous autumn hay ride with the Girl Scout troop.

I had been so busy this week I didn't realize the leaves had turned. The air was crisp. The colors so vibrant. I only knew the day was Saturday because Amara had no school, and Dad2Amara wasn't talking "church". Life was passing me by quicker than I wanted it to.

The night ended with a family dinner with some out of town friends.

Amara went to bed with a big smile on her face.

And I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.