Day 6

I have been introduced to the kindness of strangers because of Mom's prognosis. And each person has surprised me - not the individuals per se but their stories.

Mom's hospice nurse visited. Kim seems nice enough and wants to rid Mom's pain. And that's all I can really ask for. She seems so proper and professional. But as Nurse Kim was preparing to leave, I noticed a tear begin to form. Nurse Kim, it seems, had met my mom before. When Mom was a nurse at a suburban hospital, Kim would visit hospice patients staying there. She recalls Mom's gentle nature and Mom's compassion towards her patients. And Kim hated to watch a kind nurse suffer. To hear the stories she told about my Mom brought me great comfort on a day I thought only pain existed.

Then there was the woman from a local church. I don't even know her name. But I had missed a few Bible studies, and she called to check in. I explained the situation with Mom and she immediately began to pray for my family right there over the phone. I cried, so touched by this gesture.

But it was one of Mom's friends that really surprised me. Many of my Mom's friends are faceless names to me. She has so many of them that I can't keep up. That was Kathleen.

Kathleen, as well as other friends, offered to stay with my Mom as Dad and I worked. And it wasn't until today did I learn Kathleen not only worked with Mom. But she knew my Grandmother as well. She shared stories about her first memory of working with Mom. Kathleen told me about Grandma in her younger days too. I couldn't believe I had found another person who admired my Grandmother and loved my Mom as much as I did.

What comfort these people have brought to my life! I never knew just how many lives my Mom touched. And now these people will never truly understand how appreciative I am for what they have done for us now.