Thursday 13: Things I'll do in October

I rarely do Thursday Thirteen's.

But being the first day of the month, I think I can make an exception.

First day. So much hope.
  1. Go apple picking.

  2. Take a hay ride.

  3. Knit a scarf. (I'd love to make one like Laurie's.)

  4. Scrapbook at least a page from our current Disney trip. (No, I haven't scrapped the last trip yet.)

  5. Bike in the park at least one more time before snow hits the ground.

  6. Finish My Sister's Keeper, what became vacation reading after I neglected it all summer.

  7. Pray.

  8. Blog. (Hey, you in the back! I hear you snickering! I mean it. I'll blog regularly again!)

  9. Put away the last of the summer clothes. Maybe some of the fall ones too.

  10. Not touch any of the candy until Halloween.

  11. Choose a Halloween costume for myself.

  12. Start going to a personal trainer. Again.

  13. Run regularly. Again.
Think I can do it? I hope so!

What will you do this month?


  1. Good look especially with the Halloween candy!

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  3. I've already failed at the halloween candy party. It's too hard when it's everywhere!


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