who's at your kid's school?

I'll admit. Given the situation with my Mom, I haven't been that involved with Amara's school.

But imagine my surprise when Amara ran to me as I entered the house and handed me an autographed poster of Esmee.


I have no idea who Esmee Denters is. But Amara informed me she was discovered by Justin Timberlake. And she apparently performed at House of Blues last night. Well duh. Guess I should have known that.

So how did Amara get an autographed poster?

Esmee also performed at Amara's elementary school.

Explain to me how an artist that charges for admission at House of Blues ends up singing a few songs to Amara's first grade classmates?

Also try and reason with me how it's ok for this artist to pass out posters of her dressed in a skimpy tank top and posing provocatively?

Oh not to mention her lyrics are kinda questionable. But I won’t harp on that since I don’t know what songs she sang to a bunch of school kids.

But I am curious as to why I can find out about Slider – the baseball team’s mascot – coming to visit. But a performance by a pop sensation isn’t mentioned at all.

It’s not to say that I wouldn’t allow Amara to listen to Esmee. For all I know we bee bop along to her songs on satellite radio. But I just like to know when something outside the normal curriculum comes up.

But I’m left to wonder, are there other unexpected guests I should be aware of?


  1. That is pretty strange you didn't know. I'd think the school would have wanted to advertise her visit. I don't know who she is.

    PS: Been thinking of you and sending good thoughts & prayers your way.

  2. Good questions. That is strange. At first I was going to be excited for your daughter, but then as the post went on I began to question who makes the decisions for appearance in her school. Oh, the things we have to think of as moms. You can't just send your kid to school without having to worry about ten thousand things. Fun.


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