a mom's proudest moment

During these trying and difficult days, it's hard to imagine some proud moments arising from the sadness.

But they did.

I am proud of my 6 year old daughter. I was so proud of Amara, a child, wiping away her mother's tears. But during the wake of my Mom, her grandmother, Amara did something so touching that I again began to cry.

Amara noticed many mourners placing envelopes in a box near the guest book. She questioned the peculiar practice. And I proceeded to explain the generosity of my family's friends. I reiterated how each dollar donated went towards fulfilling the wishes of her grandparents, particularly that of my Mom.

My daughter went about her business. But later in the evening, Amara asked Dad2Amara for $20. She had been given the money as a Christmas present. Amara planned to buy a Webkinz with the cash. So I expected Amara to put the crisp bill in her coat pocket.

That wasn't the case.

As my Dad and I went through the donations, I found a white envelope signed in a child's writing.

The writing was familiar but the envelope's contents surprised me.

Amara had meticulously filled out each line with her name and address. She then checked the "FOR" box and wrote Lolo after it.

My daughter donated her $20 to her grandparents.

This selfless act moved me.

I asked Amara why she did it. And she answered that it was more important to help her grandfather remember her grandmother than it was for her to have her new toy.

Was this really my daughter? The girl I know fights to have McDonald's for dinner. The daughter I have pouts when she cannot buy the latest gadget.

Could Amara really have done such a great deed without prodding?

The answer is yes. And she did. And I am so terribly proud to call her my daughter.


  1. Since my diagnosis with RA and Fibromaylgia, I have noticed a different side to my nine year old. Sometimes, I hate that my condition has forced him to change and other times, I am so very proud of him. He has changed and not in a bad way either. I don't even know how to describe it, but all I can say he is different.

    Our children, they know us better than anyone else and they know what makes us sad and what makes us happy. The older Amara gets, the more of this kindness you will see.

  2. That touched my heart. Sometimes you wonder if our young ones will ever get thinking of others but they do. What a proud moment.

  3. I'm not sure where Amara learned it, but her heart is big. And I am truly so proud of her!

  4. Oh and btw ladies, I'm planning to catch up on blogs! I'll be visiting your sites soon :)

  5. Oh, Mo! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Amara gets her caring heart naturally...especially from her mom!


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