cards 4 cancer: can you help?

I've been snooping through my Mom's belongings.

At least it feels that way.

I have had the unnerving task of tidying up my Dad's place over the last few weeks. I expected the barrage of emotions when I sifted through my Mom's clothing. And I knew finding a home for all of her research books would be a painful process.

But what I didn't realize I would find were the countless number of cards and letters my Mom had saved. She must have found a sense of comfort in each correspondence to have kept them throughout the years.

And I can truly say today I understand why each letter was important. The days after my Mom's passing, I found solace in notes given to me by family and friends. I'm sure Mom felt the same way about her cards.

So as a tribute to my Mom and to all those battling cancer, I've decided to be a Team Leader for Cards 4 Cancer.

I will be collecting greeting cards for patients at the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center. And while I was a bit angry after Mom's prognosis back in the fall, I do recognize the extraordinary work the doctors, nurses and staff do there. After all, my family wouldn't have been blessed with my Mom for the last six years if it weren't for them.

I am looking for good people wanting to spread a little cheer to cancer patients. I'm hoping my Girl Scouts will step up and join me in a card-making party next month.

Cards can be store bought or handmade so I am recruiting local businesses to donate supplies and/or cards.

Are you in the Cleveland area and want to help? Let me know! You can donate one card or ten!

And if you're not, check out the Cards 4 Cancer website to see if there is a team working in your neighborhood.

Note on Tumor Tuesday: It may sound morbid, but on some Tuesdays on this blog, I will write about a topic relating to brain tumors or brain cancer. My Mom lost her courageous battle. But one of her goals in life was to bring more attention to brain tumor awareness. This is my way of contributing to her goal. You can find some of my go-to resources on brain tumors here.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I would love to participate. Can you email me with a few details - where to send the cards etc.?

    I'm also the editor of the West Park PTA's newsletter and if it's okay with you I'd like to include the info in our newsletter set to go out this week. Hopefully some PTA members will be willing to participate too.

    tesa at 2wired2tired dot com

  2. Thanks Tesa! I'm excited for the project and hope we can brighten the day of some of our "neighbors!"


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