may I have this dance?

Even as a high maintenance, 6-year-old diva, Amara continues to melt my heart.

Last week, she pulled Dad2Amara aside after dinner and asked quietly, "Will you go to the father-daughter dance with me?"

It was so precious, I honestly wanted to cry.

So all dolled up Amara and her daddy got Saturday evening for their big date.

I did Amara's hair and put lip gloss on her for added sparkle.

They posed for pictures at home and then some more for a photographer at the dance.

And as I suspected, Amara boogied the night away as Dad2Amara was a wallflower hovered over the hors d'oeuvres watched admiringly from a distance. Amara even busted a move on stage!

Come Sunday morning, Amara was still asleep when I rose. Her Daddy apparently swept her off her dancing feet. She was content and exhausted.

And I was thrilled that for one day, Dad2Amara and our daughter were not at each others' throats.

Side note: I spent the evening catching up with a dear friend over several glasses of wine and good hummus. So no lonely Mom2Amara here!


  1. So sweet. Sounds about right. Dads hanging out by the food and the daughters dancing away. I'm glad you had a nice evening too.

  2. This is so cute! Glad to hear they had a great time and you 1) had a girls night and 2) got to sleep in!

  3. How precious! Looks like it was a good evening for all.


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