my daughter, the fashion designer

Amara has a keen eye.

She loves playing with fabric and color swatches. She's creative. And she has a distinct style that is completely Amara.

Amara says when she grows up, she wants to be a fashion designer.

That's better than her response 12 months ago of wanting to be a "superstar" riding around all day in limos.

But I disgress.

So it's no surprise that this is Amara's favorite gift of the season (well almost favorite gift...she loves her Glee CD!)

She dreamed up this mother-daughter ensemble. And I'd be more than willing to wear the one shoulder wonder but Mom2Amara is a bit "large" to even dream of it!

And it's not just about clothes. She loves accessories. The girl is obsessed with shoes.

Who knows. Maybe one day Amara fantasy will become a reality. And hopefully then, my baby will take care of her Momma so Momma can retire!


  1. That is a really cool kit. MG is into her AG school kit (she is playing teacher to her dolls and she's really bossy).

  2. Wow, did she draw those! That's so impressive and she definitely has a great sense of style. What a wonderful gift! I have a little cousin who loves fashion too, I will definitely keep this in mind for her, I think she'd love it.

  3. Jen - there's an AG school kit? I'm sure that'll be asked for for someone's birthday...

    Tesa - there's a transparency projector with the kit so there's no drawing involved, just coloring and designing. She's not that good...yet :)

  4. I bet she WILL grow up to be a fashion designer! I think that when little kids have such strong interests when they're young, and hold an interest in the same thing for a long time, it means they have a talent!!! :)


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