13 happy songs

It's not quite the weekend. And I'm in a lull.

So there's nothing that can break a crummy mood better than happy songs.

Do you have a theme song a la Ally McBeal that you have use to lift your spirits?

Here are my top 13:


  1. Thanks for the happy songs! We all need happy songs.

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  3. I'm loving all the Glee mashup songs :)

  4. I love, love, love Barenaked Ladies. They can either bring me up or console a sour mood. And who can't bop to the beat of Come on Eileen? Hope your day gets better!

  5. Jen - I <3 Glee! I have CDs volumes 1 & 2 and season one on DVD!

    Tesa - BNL rocks! Did you go to the most recent CLE concert? We probably were sitting near each other and didn't know it!


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