how a high maintenance gal spends a quiet weekend

For the first time in months, my family had literally nothing on its weekend itinerary.

And with the sun peeking out on a February Sunday, Amara and her Dad found themselves making the cutest snowman.

It was a pure delight to lounge around and not be confined by a tight schedule.

Not a drop of mascara touched my lashes.

I wore yoga pants for nearly the entire weekend.

And my laundry basket is considerably lighter because I had time to complete a dozen loads.

I typically hate to sit at home with an empty social calendar.

But for one weekend, it was ok. And I think our family is a bit happier because of it.

How about you? How was your weekend?


  1. I don't have time for social life, but I would rather be home having a quiet weekend so I suppose it does not matter.

    Looks like Amara had lots of fun.

  2. Very cute snowman. It was ok. We had/have an incident that needed lots of attention. I like our winter weekends - they're pretty laid back since no one plays a sport but soccer Saturdays will start up soon.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Glad you enjoyed it and that is one adorable snowman!

  4. I love those lazy weekends! They are few and far between, but lately we've been having some! This weekend I am visiting my parents (always a vacation for me!) and both Monkeyboy and Marcus (our foster dude) are visiting Marcus's family in the city, so Diana and Jimmy get a weekend with just the little ones! Everyone is having a nice weekend here, in other words!!! Your snowman looks great! And again, this is Nicki from Slow Down Gym Shoe, yet again somehow not able to use OpenID!!! :(


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