Jillian Michaels kicked my @ss

It was bad. I'll admit it.

I've gained a nasty 25 pounds in three years. And while I did pretty well on my lifestyle changes for the last six weeks, I hit a minor setback. Blame the gooey, chocolatey goodness known as the BillyBob.

I want to get back into running. But the lack of sidewalks and trails in my neighborhood coupled with Snowmageddon means my Brooks go unused until the next thaw.

And my city's new rec center won't open for another month.

But after gorging myself last night on the above mentioned BillyBobs, I knew something had to force me off the sofa.

So I [video on] demanded Jillian Michaels to shred every last bit of my self respect.

Yea, that was a mistake.

I'm sore. Jillian's non-stop commands made me want to hit her. So I worked out harder.

Yes, another big mistake.

And I can now honestly acknowledge that I am out of shape. What muscle I developed after the half marathon no longer exists. I'm pudge. Serious goo.

So Jillian Michaels did kick my @ss. But I'm hoping that means she will eventually get me to squeeze my rear into my Michael Kors jeans again.

Here's to wishful thinking.


  1. That @#&^% Jillian. She has it in for us. Luckily I can keep her inside the tv cabinet :) Maybe I'll set her free...maybe.

  2. Jullians Michaels will do that. And Billy Bobs, well, they will not forgive. :)

  3. I love Jillian Michaels. She sure can motivate can't she? I didn't know she was available on demand - I'll have to look into that. I've heard great things about the Shred program from other bloggers too. Hope you continue to enjoy it!

    And Malley's? They just sent me a coupon for chocolate covered twinkies. Seriously.


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