pass her another

So we all had a good laugh when we saw Amara's menu included my favorite beer.

But I am a good mom. Seriously.

Sure she wants to drink her apple juice out of the good crystal.

Yes Amara reminds me when beer is missing from the shopping cart.

And absolutely, my daughter can name Dad2Amara's favorite alcoholic beverage (it's Crown Royal for those of you that don't know).

But Amara hasn't had a sip of the good stuff yet.

So when I read an article online last week, I had to giggle.

Apparently there's a big debate over babies in bars. It's up there with the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and the legalization of medical marijuana.

Amara's seen bars on the east side. She's been to places in the Warehouse District that Dad2Amara has never been.

Bartenders have always welcomed us.

Why? Because I'm responsible about the entire thing.

I didn't stop going out to bars just because I was a Mom. Sometimes I couldn't snag a sitter for that evening. Other times my friends wanted to see Amara. So she's always come along.

No, I didn't get smashed. No, I did not allow her to cry and whine to the point it annoyed other patrons. She was always seated beside me or on my lap. And we've never been out at an establishment past her bedtime.

She's older now. And most bars she sees these days are at the local TGI Friday's or Red Robin.

But seriously people, isn't it really about irresponsible, obnoxious parents? I've witnessed moms have one too many glasses of wine at the neighborhood block party and I'm mortified for them and their kids. Or how about the parents who bring their kids to the five star restaurant, only to allow them to scream at the top of their lung that brie is not "real" cheese. Those are the people we should be targeting. Not the parents who discipline their children.

I have taught my daughter well. So the next time you see me in a bar, pass me another. And while you're at it, grab her another juice too.


  1. I agree with you completely. And love that Blue Moon. Wish we could get it here.

  2. LOL... Pufferfish is constantly bringing her mom and dad beers, saying, "You want one of these now?" I don't think they've been to the bar, because out here kids aren't allowed in bars at all... but I can see how it could actually be a family friendly place, if the pareont in question was responsible! I used to love playing Pinball at the neighborhood bar!


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