35 day challenge: bye bye fast food

It is day two of my 35 day challenge.

What 35 day challenge? Well of course you would ask since I've been MIA from the blogosphere for over a month. But truthfully, this challenge snuck up on me. It was almost a dare made by Dad2Amara this past weekend.

Call it the anti-Super Size Me plan.

I'm forgoing any restaurant trips for five weeks. No Sauteed 'Shroom Burger at Red Robin. And forget about the Pad See-Ew at Vieng's.

No drive-throughs for a month. So long onion rings and jamocha milkshakes.

Now, there are some exceptions. Going out to meet a friend for a cup of coffee is o.k. And a glass of wine is not entirely out of the question.

Dad2Amara thinks it'll help our checkbook feel less bloated. I'm hoping it'll make me feel less fat.

But y'all know I'm not the brown-bagging it type of gal. It's going to be hard. But do I think I can do it? Heck ya. I have to prove Dad2Amara wrong.

Do I think Amara's going to put up with it? Yea, that's another story.

I'm midway through day two. I've diligently brought my yogurt, fruit, and frozen Lean Cuisine to work. It all seems so simple. Yet I know some craving will hit. And I will have to have that one thing that will satisfy my palette.

It's a vice I know. But there's something to be said about worry-free dinners. And being waited on is always nice.

I just have one question: What about those beautiful spring days that just yearn for an ice cream celebration? What will I do then?


  1. Don't they make light and fatfree ice cream versions. I guess you can tell I need the challenge too. Try sherbert. :)

    Welcome back to the blogosphere.

  2. Good for you and good luck. Pack some snacks to keep at your desk...it's so tempting to just go out. You can do it! Sometimes just not having to cook dinner helps...maybe Dad2Amara will cook/grill for you?

  3. Lana - Thanks for the welcome back! Now if only I could get to reading everyone else's blogs :)

    Jen - I <3 summer because we can grill! It's not the cooking part that drives me crazy...it's the running around like a chicken with my head cut off part!

  4. What a great goal! You can do it! Glad to hear you're not giving up the coffee shop though - looking forward to hanging out on Monday.

  5. Hi Mom2Amara -- I am a Grandma to another amazing 6 year old named Amara. Just discovered your blog -- I really enjoyed it! Love the grocery list -- our Amara would add beer to her list, too!Thanks for sharing! Grandma Kc


  6. Ugh, I feel your pain! Me, Diana and Jimmy are trying to do the South Beach diet. Two weeks with no sugar! No Dr. Pepper for me! No chocolate! No ice cream! No oatmeal creme pies! The horror of it all!


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