Wednesday, April 21, 2010

what happens when 6 year olds get mom's cell


  1. She's good with the camera. Can she text too?

  2. Kids rock!!! Wait until she learns to text!

  3. So funny! My little one loves taking pics with my phone too .. but he takes mostly screen shots (I have no clue why). One of the apps on my phone is this silly train game - one time I discovered 30+ pics of trains he had saved.

    On a scary note, the little guy deleted one of DHs apps - fortunately it was not a critical one but DH did lose a lot of data that he had entered into the app.

  4. That girl can text and tweet and FB :)

    Makita, I didn't think about it, but yea, I bet Amara could delete one of my apps easily too. I should take some precautions, eh?

  5. She is so cute! Those pictures are adorable. I can never get cell phone photos to come out well, she did better than me.


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